JTP Briggs LO206 & World Formula Riser

JTP Briggs LO206 & World Formula Riser


-JTP Motor Mount Riser
-Designed for Briggs LO 206 and World Formuls
-Raises engine 1.125"


        -Allows for clearance between tires and engine on full-body & kid-karts when track width is minimized           as an alternative to a 15 degree motor mount.

        -Use as an alternative to 15 degree motor mounts for raising the engine.

        -If running a sprocket protector, allows enough clearance for exhaust pipe

-New hardware included.

-Avaliable in clear or black
-Full 6061-T6 Machined Aerospace-Grade Billet Aluminum Construction
-Engraved "JTP" logo
-Proudly made in the USA